Chandler City Hall Complex

City of Chandler City Hall Complex, Chandler, Arizona

Skills: Commercial

Illumination Awards from IES Illumination Engineering Society

Winner of the IES Illumination Award of Merit (Energy and Environmental) for the Chandler City Hall Complex in Chandler, Arizona – Illumination Engineering Society 2011.

As a client, I didn’t quite realize the impact and importance of exceptional lighting for our Chandler City Hall project.  Through Mark’s expertise the project has an outstanding lighting design.  He educated the entire project team in layman terms on the impact that various lighting options would provide.  Our lighting scheme is warm, welcoming, stimulating, artistic and efficient.   It was a pleasure to work with Mark.  He got me excited about the possibilities for lighting to improve and enhance our already amazing City Hall complex.– Marian Norris, Assistant to City Manager at City of Chandler

PROJECT DESCRIPTION:  The Chandler City Hall complex is an iconic architectural structure and gathering place for this community and it was designed to incorporate sustainable features that announced the City’s commitment to a better future.  The facility included a 5-story structure for administrative offices, a spacious council chambers with state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment and broadcast lighting system,  a public television studio, and a 330-space parking structure with LED lighting that takes advantage of both motion controlled dimming and daylight harvesting.  Chandler had been saving funds for their new City Hall for 20 years and reportedly incurred no new debts for the construction project.

A key feature of the building facade is the kinetic shade structure designed by artist Ned Khan.  The lighting of this art piece took top honors for an award by the Illumination Engineering Society, along with an additional Award of Merit for the Environmental and Energy Efficiency.

The highly sustainable complex was certified LEED-Gold in 2013, the first city hall in the nation to achieve this status.

DEVELOPER:  The City of Chandler
GENERAL CONTRACTOR:  Sundt Construction

GROSS AREA: 137,700 ft2

COMPLETED: October 2010

Cost $47 million

PUBLICATIONS:  High Performing Buildings, Spring 2013 (Copyright 2013 ASHRAE, Posted at

PHOTO CREDIT:  Mark Greenawalt
PROJECT ADDRESS:  175 S Arizona Ave, Chandler, AZ 85225

*Project Lighting Design and Engineering by Mark Greenawalt, PE, LC, LEED AP while employed by SmithGroup along with a talented design team including Jeff Gerwing, Abbie Renfrew, Chris Coulter, Mark Roddy, Albert Edwards, and Daniel Gourley with Clearwing for the television studio lighting.