Lighting Design for GoDaddy Executive Lobby

Lighting Design for Executive Lobby at GoDaddy

GoDaddy selected SmithGroup as the architect for their new Executive Lobby at their Scottsdale office.  The lighting design that I developed incorporated three primary elements.  The first was the ambient glow of the open ceiling above that took advantage of the iconic green color featured in the company’s corporate logo.  The green color was achieved with cost effective strip lights using Philips green phosphor lamps.  Next was the “punch card racing stripes” made up of linear fluorescent fixtures that flowed from the floor and passed across the corner onto the signature “tongue” hard lid ceiling.  The third element was the accent lights which are adjustable to be aimed at furniture, photos, and the future signage.

Lighting Design for Executive Lobby at GoDaddy
Lighting design for a small executive lobby uplighting, accent lighting, and punch card feature lighting.

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