Phoenix College “Pug” Marich Baseball Field

CLIENT:  Maricopa Community Colleges – Phoenix College
ELECTRICAL ENGINEER:  Sullivan Designs, Inc.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION:  This project consisted of retrofitting the lighting system with new fixtures on existing poles. The existing fixtures were incandescent and fed from a 120/208 volt electrical service. The new design included 1500 watt sports lighting fixtures fed from an upgraded 277/480 volt system. New lighting levels were designed to be 70f.c. average in the infield (with a max to min ratio of 2.0)and 50f.c. average in the outfield (with a max to min ratio of 2.5). The new lighting fixtures on the eight existing 70′ poles increased the lighting levels on the field by a factor of 10. Phoenix College is a Maricopa Community College in Phoenix, Arizona. Construction cost was just over $122,000 and was completed in 2003.

NOTE OF INTEREST:  Martin “Pug” Marich was the Head Baseball Coach from 1961 – 1978, Marich led the Bears baseball team to national championships in 1960, 1962, and 1965. He was also part of the legendary coaching staff of PC Football Team, who won the national championship title in 1964 in Savannah, Georgia.

Marich has mentored generations of students and athletes on their path to adulthood, and has always maintained high expectations for athletes, grounded in fairness, understanding, and hard work. When he became the first community college coach to be named to the United States Baseball Federation coaching staff in 1970, Marich characterized the appointment as a “significant recognition of community colleges in the athletics arena.”

In 1985, Marich was honored for his years of commitment and service to Phoenix College with the dedication of the baseball field in his name. The description on the monument, which is situated near the entrance to Marich Field, captures the essence of this legendary individual. “Through sports, his leadership has guided his students with firmness and understanding into adulthood.” Also in 2006, Marich was inducted in the Phoenix College Alumni Hall of Fame.

PHOTO CREDIT:  Mark Greenawalt
PROJECT ADDRESS:  Phoenix College, 1202 W. Thomas Road, Phoenix, Arizona 85013

*Project Lighting Design by Mark Greenawalt, PE, LC, LEED AP while employed by Sullivan Designs, Inc.

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