Lighting Design for GoDaddy Executive Lobby

GoDaddy selected SmithGroup as the architect for their new Executive Lobby at their Scottsdale office.  The lighting design that I developed incorporated three primary elements.  The first was the ambient glow of the open ceiling above that took advantage of the iconic green color featured in the company’s corporate logo.  The green color was achieved with cost effective strip lights using Philips green phosphor lamps.  Next was the “punch card racing stripes” made up of linear fluorescent fixtures that flowed from the floor and passed across the corner onto the signature “tongue” hard lid ceiling.  The third element was the accent lights which are adjustable to be aimed at furniture, photos, and the future signage.

Lighting Design for Executive Lobby at GoDaddy
Lighting design for a small executive lobby uplighting, accent lighting, and punch card feature lighting.

IES Cover for Recommended Practices for Office Lighting

For the open offices of the Chandler City Hall administrative office tower, Mark Greenawalt designed the lighting system to be pendant indirect fluorescent fixtures from Peerless that utilized very energy efficient T5HO lamps on 15′-0″ centers.  In addition two zones at the perimeter glazing incorporated photosensors for daylight harvesting with full dimming ballasts.  It was an honor to see the new cover of the Illumination Engineering Society’s book on Recommended Practices for Office Lighting and realize that the cover photo featured this project.  It’s also worth noting that this project also won an international Illumination Engineering Society Award of Merit for the energy efficiency category.

Chandler City Hall on IES Cover for Office Recommended Practices
Chandler City Hall office lighting is featured on the Recommended Practices for Office Lighting from the Illumination Engineering Society

Alwun House Green Art Park

Alwun House Green Art Park
Green Art Park for the Alwun House Art Gallery in downtown Phoenix

I am proud to have been a part of the design of a new sustainable “Green Art Park” at the Alwun House Art Gallery, the non-profit arts organization that has been a part of the Phoenix arts community for 41 years.  The park has been described as an urban oasis that is: Green with healing trees, vines and community garden; Art filled with sculpture and murals, and a PARK designed to nurture community gatherings within the Garfield neighborhood.

I contributed Electrical Engineering services working hand-in-hand with architect Luis Salazar and landscape architect Drew Aqulina and after a two-year long design and planning process with neighbors and city planning department, Phoenix Council unanimously approved our plans to “build something so beautifully multi-purposed for our neighbors, community and House,” according to Kim Moody, founding director of Alwun House.

The park will be developed on two adjacent blighted lots and the vision includes the broadest possible range of artistic and community inclusion in all one place (note “all one” place was the thought behind the name Alwun House). The design and planning process for this one-of-a-kind project utilized the flexibility of the City’s new Planned Unit Development (PUD) zoning, to fully maximize future opportunities to expanded sustainable activities. Future uses could include; coffeehouse/restaurant, public assembly, health fairs, food trucks, youth art making workshops and sales, and 41 additional uses.

Funds are currently being raised and sponsors will be honored for donations with various installed art elements such as pavers, benches, and entry monuments etched with the names of people, businesses and foundations that make possible this model transformative art park.  For more information, please visit